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  • A one-time, up-front charge of $500 for account setup/training access/UOMC
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Subscription Details


A one-time, up-font charge of $250: Setup & Support Access.

Pay for what you use:  You will be billed $25.00 for each new job added into iCat on a monthly basis.  

Unlimited Line Items

30GB of Storage* 

Includes Access** to Fast CATALOG & Fast LKQ in-app purchases.

The Per Job License Subscription may be upgraded to the full Enterprise Version at anytime.***  

*Additional storage fees may be charged if 30GB is exceeded.  

** Usage of In-App purchases will be billed by the line item at the rates posted at time of use.  User will be notified of rates prior to submission to Fast CATALOG or Fast LKQ.  These costs, if services used, are in addition to the $25 per job fee. Please contact for more details regarding account upgrade.

***Once a user has upgraded their account, they will not be able to downgrade back to the Per Job License Plan.